Automated Traffic Recorders

Coordinated and ad hoc ATR studies include volume, speed, class and headway counts. For optimal quality in data collection, leading industry standard technology is utilized. We conduct both short-term studies (24-168 hours), as well as long-term studies, including permanent count stations.

Along with standard deliverables, we strive to provide value to clients by generating additional analytics as needed.

Video Analytics

We have invested in proprietary video collection hardware and analytics software, allowing us to conduct a multitude of video-enabled studies, including:

  • Mainline Highway Counts: classification by vehicle type and by lane
  • Turning Movement and Classification Counts (TMCs), including high-traffic, irregular intersections or roundabouts
  • Origin-Destination Surveys
  • License Plate Studies
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts, including classification and compliance observations
  • Video Observations based on custom requirements

We can customize our solution to meet your custom requirements.

Manual Studies

Our extensive portfolio of manual studies include:

  • Turning Movement and Classification Counts (TMCs)
  • Cordon Counts
  • Transit Surveys, including bus occupancy, passenger boarding/alighting, parking counts
  • Queue and Gap Measurements
  • Stop Sign Compliance
  • Intersection Delay Studies
We also provide intersection diagrams and sight distance measurements. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our staff is committed to safety and follows the latest Ministry guidelines.

Cycling and Pedestrian Studies

In order to achieve the greatest accuracy for bicycle and pedestrian studies, we use state of the art proprietary video analytics technology to record and analyze traffic, even in high-demand areas.

Recent projects include multi-day bicycle volume counts, pedestrian crossing, movement and signal compliance.

Our versatile video-based solution enables us to easily customize an individual study to the client's particular needs.

Radar Gun Studies

Spot speed studies are conducted using industry standard radar gun equipment.

Parking Surveys

We have successfully conducted hundreds of parking surveys, including Turnover, Occupancy and Duration of Stay studies.

Speed Sign Installation

Temporary speed limit/radar signs can be installed to calm traffic.

Travel Time Studies

Our trained and experienced surveyors conduct travel time studies utilizing GPS-based technology including dashcam footage.

Over 70 studies have been conducted, including co-ordinated HOV/GPL lane Highway Travel Time studies, Before and After studies for major transportation projects, and peak period Travel Time studies.

We use custom software to analyze the data and provide informative graphical and tabulated data, outlining travel time, average speeds and delays per block.

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